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In collaboration with TeachNext, we introduced Smart class technology in our school. Smart class is a comprehensive Solution designed to assist teachers in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student’s academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. It also enables teachers to instantly their students in class. Smart Class helps teachers to ensure that every child in the class is learning, given the wide diversity of learning styles in the classroom. It is also highly efficient in maintaining student’s interest and engagement in learning inside the classroom. Smart Class simplifies the problems of teaching abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate to through the provision of three-dimensional, interactive multi-media modules. Learning Hour tutors assign relevant Smart Class modules to students to view either before or after a tutoring session to prepare them or concretize the learning in the session. The well-designed modules allow a student to visualize the concepts much better than static images or oral instruction and hence improve learning greatly.[/vc_column_text][spacing desktop_height=”70px” mobile_height=”50px” smobile_height=”40px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]